June 12, 2021 |

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  • Family Service FAQ’s 

    FAQ’s – High Holiday 2nd Day – Seating and Sermons All Ages Family Service in the Tent What will the service look like? The service is scheduled for 10:00 AM-noon….

  • High Holyday Derekh Eretz – Common Courtesies

    …remember that no noisy toys, electronic games, writing or coloring activities are permitted. * During certain portions of the service, ushers will not permit anyone to enter or leave the…

  • Holiday Calendar

    …the Omer Public fasts Holiday Hebrew Year 5778 Description Tzom Gedaliah Sept 23 Fast (right after Rosh Hashanah) Asara B’Tevet December 28 Fast commemorating the siege of Jerusalem Ta’anit Esther…

  • Shabbat Programs

    …Morning services that sits in our book-wells. Saturday Afternoon We have services each Saturday afternoon, 5:30- 6:00 p.m in the chapel. During Daylight Standard Time, we have an evening ma’ariv…

  • High Holiday Service Melodies

    …for Yom Kippur: version 1 and version 2 High Holiday Services: Pesukei DeZimra (“Verses of Song”, a/k/a the very beginning of the services) 1. Birchot Hashachar (p. 37) or 2….

  • Daily Minyan

    Here are recordings for the daily services, for those who would like to lead them, or to better be able to follow along. Each service or part of a service

  • Friday Night Melodies

    …ata… R’tsei Vimnuchateinu Kiddush Yigdal Cantor Ken Richmond & Rabbi Shira Shazeer’s original Klezmer Friday Night Service in PDF and with Recordings: Yedid Nefesh (Shira Shazeer) L’chu N’ran’na (Rom melody)…

  • Holidays and Festivals

    …here. We offer a variety of services for all age levels to meet the spiritual needs of our diverse community. Our High Holiday services are warm, inclusive, egalitarian, and fully…

  • Sisterhood

    …a Kiddush each Shabbat when there is no other sponsor. We also provide Kiddushim for Passover, Succot and Shavuot, as well as the break-fast for the first born prior to…

  • Board of Directors

    Here is our Organizational Chart and By-Laws Executive Committee…