July 20, 2024 |


At Temple Israel of Natick, we are committed to the evolving Jewish journey of each of our members. To encourage ourselves along our paths, and to make certain that the journey is rewarding and fulfilling, our members participate in a wide range of social, educational, and spiritual groups that allow each of us to find our own best path towards community belonging and Jewish fulfilment. Activities range from Sisterhood and Men’s Club to small meet-up group that reflect personal interests stretching from mahjongg to classical music. We are deeply involved in supporting Israel and in social action to assist all of the needy in our community and in our world. Pick what appeals to you and get involved! Don’t see something that meets your needs? We are always looking for new directions and new ways for our members to connect. Get in touch with the office (508 650-3521) and help us make your vision a reality!