June 9, 2023 |


Our mission is to strengthen traditional Judaism by furthering the spiritual, material and social interests of Sisterhood and the Temple, advancing Jewish education in the congregational affiliated groups, emphasizing Jewish religious practices at home, and aiding charitable groups to promote a spirit of civic cooperation.

We provide and do so much throughout the synagogue community, and Sisterhood is there for you.  There are many programs, activities and resources we provide to you as a Sisterhood member, a member of the Temple Israel community and beyond.  We are excited for you to attend, participate in, collaborate on existing programs, and contribute your ideas.

For our 2022/2023 calendar of events, click HERE

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Sisterhood’s calendar features many events throughout the year.

  • General meetings open to the entire community on a wide range of topics and activities.
  • Paid Up Supper is a great evening of food, camaraderie and entertainment open to all Sisterhood members.
  • Donor Dinner is a fundraising event open to everyone and includes shopping, raffles, a catered meal and entertainment.
  • Sisterhood Shabbat is an annual event when we, the women of Sisterhood, conduct the Shabbat morning service.

There are additional opportunities for learning, playing, and connecting that we organize.  As a Sisterhood member, all programs are there for you to attend and/or be a part of creating.

 The Sisterhood provides for and supports the synagogue community in all aspects of life at Temple Israel.

  • Kiddushim on Shabbat and Holidays
  • Scholarships to our Sisterhood members’ children for USY on Wheels, trips to Israel, and kinnusim.
  • financial support towards Temple operating expenses
  • gifts to new babies and Bnei Mitzvah.
  • Contributions to the Early Learning Center and Religious School, and collaboration on programming with both.
  • supports the publication of the TI newsletter, Hakol, and Shabbat babysitting
  • Operates the Temple Judaica Shop which provides you with a Shuk for your gift giving and home celebration needs.

Our Leagram Program enables community members to support one another by acknowledging simchot, and offering comfort during times of illness and loss.

Sisterhood is involved in numerous social action and community based projects, including:

  • Open Door program, which serves meals to the needy in Natick.
  • Channukah presents to children in need
  • Clothing and toiletries for local shelters
  • Pink Challah Bake provides education and support for cancer awareness.
  • Supporting various charities through donations
  • Rummage sales which are open to the wider community.
  • Jewish Theological Seminary through its Torah Fund projects.

We are always looking for other ways to be socially active, so please bring your ideas and let’s make them happen!

The Judaica Shop of Temple Israel is located directly across from the administrative offices and is managed by Sisterhood. The Judaica Shop offers a wide variety of ritual objects to enhance to celebration of Shabbat and other festivals. Whether you seek candles or  kippotmenorahs or  talesim, the Judaica shop can assist you in your search. We also carry Jewish art, tapes and books that will transform your house into a Jewish home. The Sisterhood Judaica Shop is open Sunday mornings and some weekday afternoon hours for drop-in shopping and also by appointment.