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United Synagogue Youth

Temple Israel Youth Programs

Youth programming in our community supports and enhances the social, educational, and spiritual growth of our congregation’s young people.  Temple Israel of Natick is a chapter of the HaNer USY, which is part of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s youth program (United Synagogue Youth, or USY).  Programming goes from grade 3 through graduation from high school: Kadima serves youth in grades 3-5; Junior USY is 6th-8th grade; and Senior USY encourages high school students to become the young Jewish leaders of the next generation.  In addition, Youth Programming is offered several times throughout the year for our students in grades K-2. USY offers the opportunity to interact with and befriend Jewish peers/participants on regional and national levels.

Youth Programming Registration

Youth Programming Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is now open!  You are invited to register all K-12 students by going to the Youth Registration Form. Email Michelle Nelson, Youth Programming Coordinator at for more information.

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