May 26, 2024 |

Message from the President

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in Temple Israel of Natick for your Jewish journey.  Our community is devoted to helping each other discover and explore our unique connection to Judaism.  I say journey because this connection is not a static one; it changes as our lives change.  TI has a rich offering for you to experience what is meaningful for you at every stage of life and through a variety of ways.  Whether it is through learning, prayer, social action, socializing, music, the list goes on, you will find the TI community welcoming with open arms.

As a recent new member myself, I can share with you the ease and depth of the friendships that are waiting for you.  I can’t imagine my life without these friends in it and TI is our hub.  We celebrate and commiserate, we do life together, and we are eager for you to be a part of it all with us.

Here are a few ways to connect to your Judaism at TI.  Is it through prayer? We offer twice daily minyan as well as Shabbat and holidays, you can participate in services in a variety of ways as well.  Is it through learning? From the Early Learning Center for young children which instills the joy of celebrating being Jewish as well as a strong foundation in the love of learning, to the experiential learning and Hebrew skills taught in our Religious School, to our United Synagogue Youth program where our teens develop strong leadership skills and a Jewish identity, to our in-depth and varied adult learning programs offered throughout the year. We are constantly learning and growing.  Is it through social action? There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities so you can make a difference and do good in the world.  TI actively promotes being active in this way as an expression of being Jewish.  Is it through music? Through meditation? Through shared activities?  It is all here for you at TI.

We are here to create these connections with you.  We look forward to getting to know you and count you as a friend.



Idy Lanier