January 29, 2023 |

Message from the President

We at Temple Israel of Natick are committed to contributing to the evolving Jewish journey of each of our members. To accomplish this, we work to meet the needs of people in diverse age groups, with different levels of Judaic knowledge, and who wish to explore a variety of approaches to Jewish identity. We are defined by our commitment to Jewish life and to support for the State and people of Israel. Still, we recognize and are open to the many ways in which these commitments can be expressed. We hope you will join us in what we like to describe as the ongoing path we all are on towards becoming the Jews we strive to be.

Our community is built on a foundation of Jewish values, on social justice, and on collaboration. We come together to teach our children, to mark holidays, for support in times of joy and sorrow, and to express Judaism’s unique values and culture. In doing this, members of our community create deep friendships and a sense of belonging that we experience in no other settings. Temple
Israel offers many tangibles: early childhood education and our top-notch Hebrew school; meaningful worship; affinity groups that reflect our members’ diverse interests; social action; and life-cycle rituals. But equally important to us is that which is perhaps the least tangible – the lasting friendships and deeply meaningful interactions that are at the heart of everything we do. Through involvement in Temple Israel, our lives become more fulfilled and richer. As a member, I’ve come to see that this aspect of sociability and community is truly at the heart of everything we do.

I hope you will join us and will help us continue to make Temple Israel the best community and the best Jewish home that it can be for all of us.

B’ Shalom,

Alan Avery-Peck