April 16, 2024 |

Israel Action

The Israel Action Committee (IAC) is a vibrant, proactive group at Temple Israel whose goal is to engage and educate Temple families with Israeli issues and concerns. The focus is on political, economic and social awareness, and to create actions which address all three of these areas. IAC accomplishes this by organizing events such as a Temple Israel Day Celebration, participating in regional events sponsored by Boston’s CJP and JCRC, communicating information and action concerning support of Israel and encouraging visits to Israel.

The IAC partners with other Temple arms, such as the Sisterhood, Education Committee, Temple Bonds Committee, Adopt-A-Family Program and Temple Israel Youth Groups, in order to sustain an ongoing awareness, support and love for Israel.

All Temple members who wish to participate in the planning process or in organizing special events may contact Dubi Gordon, or the Temple Office.