May 18, 2024 |

High Holyday Derekh Eretz – Common Courtesies

In order to provide an environment that is conducive to prayer, meditation and a meaningful and comfortable experience for the large number of people attending services, we ask that you please review and respect the following requests. Your understanding, patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

* Please refrain from talking in the Sanctuary foyer or the area immediately around the tent. This noise carries into the services and is very disruptive.

* We understand that you wish to sit with your family and friends, but in consideration of those who are looking for places in the unreserved open seating section of the Social Hall, please do not place your personal possessions across an entire row or save seats beyond 10:00am. The ushers will have a sense of where there are empty seats. Please follow their directions.

* Please limit baby/children food to bottles, sippy cups and dry foods (cereal/cookies etc); To comply with fire codes and to keep the aisles open, strollers must remain outside the Sanctuary, Social Hall and Tent.  When selecting items to keep your children occupied, please remember that no noisy toys, electronic games, writing or coloring activities are permitted.

* During certain portions of the service, ushers will not permit anyone to enter or leave the service unless it is an emergency. The ushers play a key role in maintaining the dignity and smooth flow of the services, please be respectful of these volunteers and follow their instructions. If you are in the Sanctuary or Social Hall and absolutely must leave the service when the doors are closed, please use the exit door at the rear of the Social Hall.

* We realize that you need to enter and leave for child arrangements and other reasons, but please keep this activity to a bare minimum, and do so quickly and quietly. When possible, please leave at a natural break in the service – when the ushers open the doors, when the Rabbi seats the congregation etc.

* At the conclusion of each service, please return any borrowed tallit, kippot, large print Mahzorim or hearing assistance devices to the table in the foyer; please do not leave any papers on your seat or the floor.

* Many congregants have indicated that they are allergic to scents.  Please use these products sparingly.

* Please respect the Yom Tov by not smoking, writing, using a cell phone, camera, pager or any electronic hand-held device anywhere on the Synagogue grounds.