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Songs for Kabbalat Siddur

Some Songs for Kabbalat Siddur

V’ahavta (here are the words) (as chanted in the Torah)

V’ahavta (here are the words) song by Josh Warshawsky

Yevarechecha (melody by Shira Shazeer) (here are the words) This one is primarily for Parents  (alternate melody for Yevarechecha (by Gerald Cohen)

Shehecheyanu (here are the words) (alternate melody)

Siman Tov uMazel Tov


From the Morning TefilotThis document has most of the tefilot in Hebrew letters and transliteration and this document has (I think) everything in transliteration

Modeh/Modah Ani  Click for words

Ma Tovu   Click for words

Birchot Hashachar   Click for words

Psalm 150   Click for words

Or Chadash    Click for words (middle of page)

V’haer Eineinu   Click for words

Sh’ma (Baruch Shem K’vod)   Click for words

V’ahavta   Click for words

Mi Chamocha   Click for words

Oseh Shalom   Click for words


The Four Questions (here are the words)