November 29, 2020 |


  1. Candle-Blessings
  2. Maoz Tsur
  3. I have 8 Little Candles
  4. Ocho Candelikas
  5. Take a Potato
  6. Lots of Latkes
  7. I have a Little Dreidel
  8. Sevivon, sov sov sov
  9. Oh Hanukkah (English, Hebrew, Yiddish)
  10. Mi Y’maleil/ Who Can Retell
  11. Al Hanisim (for the Miracles)
  12. Banu Choshech l’garesh (we come to drive out the darkness)
  13. Neir Li (I have a little Candle)
  14. Mrs. Maccabeus – Lyrics are here
  15. The Menorah Hora by Gil Brodsky.
  16. Haneirot Halalu
  17. All verses of Maoz Tsur
  18. English Maoz Tsur (using this translation)
  19. Both verses of Oy Khanuke (in Yiddish)
  20. Mattathias Bold/ Matityahu Hagibor (a round) (here’s a recording with the round)
  21. Imi Natna Leviva Li
  22. Hanukkah, Chag Yafeh Kol Kach
  23. Drey Dreydele (click here for lyrics & translation)
  24. Malki Esh’al (from the Syrian Jewish tradition) Click here for words

Hanukkah Candle-Lighting Blessings Sheet

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