April 13, 2024 |

Passport to Israel


The Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel Program is a unique savings plan to help parents send their children on a life-changing teen trip to Israel.   The Passport program is a cooperative effort among families, congregations and Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) each contributing funds towards a student’s trip.

Enrollment in the program begins in either third or seventh grade with families and Temple Israel making annual contributions into your child’s Passport to Israel account.  CJP will contribute $700 when your child reaches 10th grade and is ready to travel on an approved program.

The contribution for the regular seven-year program starting in 3rd grade is $200 annually from the family and the congregation.   The contribution for the three-year option (beginning in 7th grade) is $400 jointly contributed annually by the family and the congregation.  In both scenarios, CJP will contribute $700 at the end of the program into your child’s savings fund.   Based on current economic conditions, contributions plus interest should total approximately between $2000 and $2200 for a participant’s trip to Israel. *

A new and exciting savings option available for the first time this year are Passport to Israel Gift Certificates.  These beautiful gift certificates may be given in any denomination to honor a special achievement or simcha in the life of your child.  The certificates make wonderful and meaningful Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts for family and friends.  Gift certificates are available by emailing the Passport to Israel administrator, Gary Rosenberg.

A wide variety of peer group travel experiences in Israel are available to teenagers and young adults.  Our Passport to Israel committee welcomes the opportunity to assist families in exploring the options that would best suit your student’s interests.  The arts, sports, history, text study and more await your teen!

*If your family leaves the congregation, or the school or if your child decides not to go on a trip to Israel, you and the congregation will receive a full refund of all contributions.  Any interest will remain with the passport fund.  if you child transfer to another participating congregation, he/she may continue in the program.