April 16, 2024 |


Just as a Cineplex offers a variety of movies, a Synaplex offers a variety of Shabbat options to provide something for everyone!  We have Synaplex several times a year and offer family and traditional services, Torah study, discussions, yoga or Qi Gong, chanting, and more!  Come at 8:45 for coffee and pastry, and you’ll have several options starting at 9:15.  We finish up with a communal lunch. Please talk to Rabbi Liben, Cantor Ken, VP of Religion Alan Avery-Peck, or Carole Lechan in the office if you would like to be involved in planning, teaching, cooking, or sponsoring Synaplex! Upcoming dates for Synpalex are December 7, February 8, March 21, and May 2.