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Bris & Babynaming

We love new babies!  Rabbi Liben & Cantor Ken are delighted to welcome new babies, at the temple and/or in your homes.  We are happy to co-officiate with a mohel/mohelet at a bris (brit mila, ritual circumcision), and we are happy to work with you to craft a babynaming ceremony.

Ritual circumcisions are traditionally done on the 8th day.  If the baby is born on a Tuesday during the day, the bris would be the next Tuesday.  If the baby is born on a Monday night after dark, the bris would also be the next Tuesday.  We are blessed to have one of our congregants, Dr. Jennifer Novick, who trained as a pediatrician and is now a practicing mohelet in our area!  We can also provide a list of other mohalim in the area.

Increasingly over the last generation or two, babynamings have given families a way to give baby girls an equally enthusiastic welcome to the community.  Babynamings can be done at 8 days, 15 days, around a month, and really any time during the first year or even beyond.  Many families welcome the baby at temple on a Saturday morning, many do so at home on a Sunday, and some do both!  Cantor Ken & Rabbi Liben can share copies of baby-naming ceremonies that we’ve officiated at, and you can see more at Ritual Well.  Here are some parents’ prayers that you could read or that may inspire you to write your own.  Here is a link to a recording of this blessing from a brit ceremony.