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Cantor Ken Richmond

Cantor Ken Richmond joined the Temple Israel family in the summer of 2006.  He graduated from the H.L. Miller Cantorial School in 2004, a receipient of a Wexner Graduate Fellowship. As Cantor (Hazzan) and Family Educator, he enjoys leading the congregation in participatory prayer and teaching and learning with nursery school students, religious school and day school students and their families, and adults of all ages. He hopes to share his love of yiddishkayt, Jewish learning, mitzvot, and shabbat and holidays with the community.  Ken was a member of the Rabbinical Assembly Mahzor Committee which worked on the Lev Shalem Mazhor. He invites you to download and share mp3s from Music of TI, including Torah and Haftarah trope, and songs and prayers for shabbat and holidays.  He founded and played klezmer violin with the Yale Klezmer band, Klezmaniacs, di bostoner klezmer, and “Fish Street Klezmer” his duet with his lovely and talented wife, Rabbi Shira Shazeer. Ken and Shira are raising their children in a Yiddish speaking household.  Ken enjoys biking, hiking, and swimming when he gets the chance.  In 2015, Cantor Ken was chosen by the Jewish Daily Forward as one of 21 Jewish Voices That Move Us, as part of their “Soundtrack of Our Spirit” series– here is his page.  Click here to email Cantor Richmond.


Some compositions can be found in the musical pages of the TI website, including the High Holiday and Friday night pages.

Click here to hear and here to see sheet music for Asei Lecha Rav, by Rav Shira & Cantor Ken, written for the MWJDS 2017 Gala.  Click here for music for HaBocheir BaTorah (a song for lifting a haftarah scroll)


2019, February 2: Mishpatim: Brownies, Bribery, & Moral Gray Areas

2019, January 26: Yitro: Back and Forth; the Movements of Revelation

2019, January 19: Beshalach Oy, Were We Thirsty: is Complaint a Vice or a Virtue?

2019, January 5: Va’eira Fibonacci & the Plague of Hail: Threat or Opportunity?

2018, October 1, Shmini Atzeret: Lingering on Shemini Atzeret

2018, September 29: What Do We Do When Prayer Doesn’t Come Naturally?  Seeking God’s Face Chol Hamoed Sukkot

2018, September 25: Ready or Not, Here Comes the Joy by Rabbi Shira Shazeer

2018, September 24: Sukkot Bluff the Listener

2018, September 22: Ha’azinu; Being a Part and a Portion (or: I Bet You Think This Song Is About You); inspired by Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld

2018, July 21: D’varim/Hazon: Being Lifted on Shoulders

2018, July 14: Mas’ei Starting Points & Destinations on our Journeys (for the 70 Faces series)

2018, February 24: Secret Hitler? Keeping Our Hands Raised Against Amalek.  (and the introduction: the Priests’ Footwear)

2018, February 17: Terumah: The 4-Minute Mile & Finding Resilience After Parkland, FL

2018, February 3: Yitro: Standing Again at Sinai

2018, January 13: Va’eira: Eil Shadai: What’s in a Name? (or: How God is Like My Mother)

2018, December 9: Vayeishev: Lighting Up the Darkness, One Good Point at a Time (for the 70 Faces of Torah series)

2017, October 28: Lech Lecha: Living Up to Abraham & Sarah’s Legacy

2017, July 29: Devarim/ Hazon: Lifting Each Other Up; Preparing for Tish’a B’av with Joy as well as Sorrow (from 70 Faces Blog)

2017, June 3: Naso: “Make Our Leaders Great Again” (from 70 Faces Blog)

2017, May 6: Acharei-Mot Kedoshim: Inclusion Shabbat and the LGBTQ Jewish Community.  Here is as well a presentation by Daniel Bahner from Keshet on Pride Shabbat 2017.

2017, April 18, the 8th Day of Passover: “All the Days of Our Lives

2017, April 17, the 7th Day of Passover: The Shot Heard ‘Round the World & the Crossing of the Sea

2017, April 15, Shabbat chol hamoed Passover: Divine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stubbornness, & Passover Two Truths And A Lie

2017, April 8, Tsav/ Shabbat HaGadol: Preparing for Pesach; Cleaning up the Ashes

2017, April 1: Vayikra: Mike Pence, Fences around the Torah, & the Example Leaders Set

2017, March 11: Tetzaveh/Zachor: Listening to Darth Vader, the Good Guy (from 70 Faces Blog)

2017, February 4: Bo– ‘Round Midnight; Balancing Justice & Love Regarding the Executive Order on Immigration

2016, November 16, Vayera: What Would Abraham Do? (from 70 Faces Blog)

2016, February 23: The Levites, the Golden Calf, & Jewish Disabilities and Inclusion Month

2016, February 20: Tetzaveh: Clothing, Joy, & Constancy: by Rabbi Shira Shazeer

2016, February 13: Terumah Constructive Conflict and the 9th of Adar

2016, February 6: Mishpatim: Who is the Stranger? What We Can Learn from the Strange Story of Csanad Szegedi

2016, January 30, Yitro, from Rabbi Shira Shazeer: Beans, Rice, & Revelation

2016, January 16: Bo: How We Treat the Stranger: Reflections on Donald Trump Rallies and My Visit to the Local Mosque (being edited)

2016, January 9: Is Patience a Virtue? What can Marc Gafni, Jonathan Rosenblatt, & Bill Cosby Teach us About Va’eira?

2015, January 3: Vayechi– on Disabilities and Inclusion


Welcome by Stuart Alford, President

Havdalah Songs by Cantor Ken Richmond & Rabbi Shira Shazeer

Shehecheyanu and Remarks Hazzan Robert Scherr

Tribute by Rabbi Harold Kushner

The Temple Israel of Natick Singers, directed by Alan Nelson

Klezmer Music by Hankus Netsky, Ilene Stahl, & Kirsten Lamb

In Cheder and Remarks Rav Hazzan Scott Sokol

Ashrei Hagafrur Lisa Avery-Peck

Yidl Mitn Fidl and Zol Zayn Cantor Heather Batchelor

Tribute/Remarks Rabbi Dan Liben and Cantor Ken Richmond

Hopkele Zalmen & Velvel Richmond-Shazeer (and here’s from another angle)

Festive Klezmer Music by Hankus Netsky, Ilene Stahl, & Kirsten Lamb


Here is the Cantors Assembly “Sacred Sounds” Hanukkah edition 2015, which includes an article by Cantor Ken.