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Mazal Tov!

Each year we have the privilege of celebrating a number of weddings in the congregation.  We are happy to work with you to host the wedding right here at Temple Israel, and Rabbi Liben and/or Cantor Ken also officiate at ceremonies at other locations throughout the area and sometimes beyond.  We are happy to perform same-sex weddings as well.  Please contact Carole Lechan in the office, or Rabbi Liben or Cantor Ken, to discuss an upcoming wedding and/or an "aufruf" (pre-wedding blessing) at the temple or elsewhere.


Here are some traditional wedding songs: Songsheet version 1 Songsheet version 2

Od Yishama (medley) (another Od Yishama)
Siman Tov
Baruch Haba
Mi Adir/ Mi Bon Siach 
Erusin/ Alternative Erusin  
The 1st Wedding Blessing
The 2nd Wedding Blessing
The 3rd Wedding Blessing
The 4th Wedding Blessing
The 5th Wedding Blessing (and fancier version)
The 6th Wedding Blessing (Sameach)
The 7th Wedding Blessing

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