vibrant, inclusive and community-centered

Judy Gordon Nursery School


Welcome! JGNS is now enrolling for the 2017-2018 school year. We are accepting children 18 months to five  years.  We offer flexible scheduling with coverage from 7:00am - 6:00pm, 5:00pm on Fridays.  Click here for our  application.




Mission and Philosophy

At JGNS, we are a community of learners that work together, ask questions, and explore big concepts that help to promote the growth and development of each child. We see children as active learners who engage in exploring the world around them to make discoveries and foster skills that build the foundation of developing a love of learning.

Jewish values are woven into our daily curriculum and it is our hope that children develop a positive Jewish identity through exploring the richness of Jewish holidays, traditions, and values. We guide children and families in exploring these basic principles: 1. We take care of ourselves   2. We take care of our community   3. We take care of the world.

Our community is warm, caring and inclusive.


All children and families are welcome in the school: we have welcomed children and parents of a variety of religous and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, and abilities.



Our pre-school curriculum consists of a warm interweaving of secular and Judaic values which help to promote a positive self-image and enhance social skills. Developmentally appropriate experiences stimulate intellectual curiosity and promote physical development. Jewish holidays, celebrations and weekly Shabbat activities instill pride in our Jewish heritage.


Experimenting with paints, clay, scissors, glue and other craft materials encourage a child's creativity while promoting large and fine motor skills. 


Social Studies

Community helpers, the family, the neighborhood, and holidays are explored through stories, songs, games and discussions. 


Our students thanking the Natick Police Department by baking them cookies.


Children are exposed to a wide variety of early literacy activities to help build and develop prereading and prewriting skills.  



Children are introduced to the basic ideas of numbers in a variety of ways including cooking projects, morning meetings , calendar time ,games and at the sand or water table. They measure, count, build, match, graph and compare to help build their number sense.

Music and Movement

An appreciation for music is developed through listening, singing, playing instruments, and creative movement. Simple directive and non-directive exercises help to develop body awareness. Cantor Ken visits the children in class to sing shabbat and holiday songs, and we currently have Stacey Peasley teaching music to the kids as well.  The kids also enjoy yoga classes and gym class, in addition to daily play outside in the playground, weather permitting. 





A highlight of our Judaic curriculum is Shababa Shabbat Program. Every Friday, the children join Rabbi Liben and Cantor Ken for an exciting pre-shabbat experience featuring songs, puppets, prayer and fun with our Shabbaba Program. This is a fun and exciting way for children to help  welcome Shabbat. The program is open to all and is every Friday at 9:15am.



We engage children and families in celebrating all of the Jewish holidays and many of the national holidays. Celebrations are special times that we recognize, in developmentally appropriate ways that help children to make meaningful connections with.




Please call our director, Faye Tonkonogy at 508-650-3521 ext 122 for more information.