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Friday Night Melodies

Shabbat at Home 

  1. Blessing for Candle-lighting  Here is the text for the pre-meal blessings
  2. Other melodies for Blessing for Candle-lighting  
  3. Shalom Aleichem (welcoming the Shabbat angels) Shalom Aleichem melody 2 melody 3
  4. Eishet Chayil: traditional melody, Carlebach melody, Pizmon version
  5. Blessing for Children: For Boys, For Girls, For all: Spoken/chanted, Sung
  6. Blessing over wine/juice (short) 
  7. Blessing over wine/juice (long)
  8. Blessing over bread—Hamotzi 
  9. Birkat Hamazon: Shir Ha'ma'alotZimun, blessing 1, 2, 3, for shabbat, for festivals, Jerusalem, 4, requests, Bamarom, more requests, ending.  Here is the text

Friday Night Melodies @ TI

  1. Yedid Nefesh Here is the text
  2. Lechu Neranena I or Lechu Neranena II 
  3. Arba'im Shana I or II
  4. Shiru Ladonai 
  5. Adonai Malach and Ohavei Adonai I
  6. Mizmor Shiru Ladonai 
  7. Psalm 99 beginning and ending
  8. Mizmor L'david 
  9. L'cha Dodi I 
  10. L'cha Dodi II 
  11. A Psalm for Shabbat 
  12. Tsadik Katamar (Ken Richmond)
  13. Mikolot 
  14. Bar'chu & Hama'ariv 
  15. V'shamru 
  16. Chatsi Kaddish
  17. Vay'chulu 
  18. Baruch ata...
  19. R'tsei Vimnuchateinu 
  20. Kiddush 
  21. Yigdal 

Cantor Ken Richmond & Rabbi Shira Shazeer's original Klezmer Friday Night Service in PDF and with Recordings:

  1. Yedid Nefesh (Shira Shazeer)
  2. L'chu N'ran'na (Rom melody)
  3. Mizmor L'david (Ken Richmond)
  4. Ana B'choach (Ken Richmond)
  5. L'cha Dodi I (Ken Richmond)
  6. L'cha Dodi II (Ken Richmond)
  7. L'cha Dodi III (Ken Richmond, 2019)
  8. Mizmor Shir (Ken Richmond)
  9. Tsadik Katamar (Ken Richmond)
  10. Mikolot (Ken Richmond)
  11. The Backwards Rumanian Nigun 
  12. Lo Nitna Hashabbat (Shira Shazeer)
  13. Barchu (Ken Richmond & Shira Shazeer)
  14. Asher Bidvaro  (Shira Shazeer)
  15. Ahavat Olam (Ken Richmond)
  16. Mi Chamocha  (Shira Shazeer)
  17. Magen Avot (Ken Richmond)
  18. Shehu Noteh Shamayim  (Shira Shazeer) Sheet Music
  19. Al Kein (Ken Richmond)
  20. Yigdal (Ken Richmond)


  1. Yom Shabaton (fast, slow)
  2. D'ror Yikra
  3. Menucha VeSimcha


Selections from the USCJ/ Cantors Assembly Spirit CD by Cantor Ken &/or Rabbi Shira:

1. The Khabno Freylekhs (with the Klezmaniacs)