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  • High Holiday Service Melodies

    …Segol, end of portion Day 1: Genesis 21:1-3 (for youth services), 21:4-6, 21:7-9 Day 2: 1st portion: Genesis 22:1-3 Day 2: 2nd portion: Genesis 22:4-8 Day 2: 3rd portion Genesis…

  • Friday Night Melodies

    …over bread—Hamotzi Birkat Hamazon: Shir Ha’ma’alot, Zimun, blessing 1, 2, 3, for shabbat, for festivals, Jerusalem, 4, requests, Bamarom, more requests, ending. Here is the text FRIDAY NIGHT MELODIES @…

  • Torah Chanting

    …the Torah Blessings, the Blessing Before the Haftarah, Shavuot Haftarah Verses 1-5, Shavuot Haftarah Last verse, the blessing after the haftarah with Shavuot ending (16, 17, 18, 19 plus 37)…

  • Songs for Kabbalat Siddur

    …Click for words Birchot Hashachar Click for words Psalm 150 Click for words Or Chadash Click for words (middle of page) V’haer Eineinu Click for words Sh’ma (Baruch Shem K’vod)…

  • FAQs

    …learning, opportunities to help improve the world, and, above everything, in friendship and caring. What sorts of families come to Temple Israel of Natick? Our families come in all imaginable…

  • About Our Religious School

    comprehensive, multi-faceted education program for its youth from Kindergarten through Grade 12. The Religious School, under the leadership of Director of Education & Teen Engagement Robin Kahn, provides a broad-based,…

  • Sisterhood

    …to attend, participate in, collaborate on existing programs, and contribute your ideas. For our 2020/2021 calendar of events, click HERE For our current weekly announcements, click HERE Sisterhood’s calendar features…

  • Staff/Leadership

  • Sisterhood

    …events. Sisterhood typically holds general meetings in September, October, January, March and April. General meetings are free and open to everyone. During November we host a Paid-Up Supper which is…

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